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Providing fair, culturally informed, and quality counseling services to Chicago’s Latino Community

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Free Consultation

Let us make this easier for you. Schedule a brief consultation, and let us connect you to the best services. Our priority is ensuring you are cared for, heard, and understood from your first interaction with us until your last session. You are not alone! 

Engage in the Journey Toward Well-being

Start the path toward a more joyous and fulfilled life. You will work with your licensed clinical counselor during the first counseling sessions to identify your growth areas and desired goals. Then, together, you will create a plan to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. So unload the weight and let us help you! 

Experience Healing and Growth

Experience feeling balanced, motivated, and having healthy relationships with yourself and others around you. Feel less anxiety and be ready to cope with the stress in your life. Gain a healthy outlook on life and practice the skills to cope with life's challenges. You got this!


We Can Help

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Modern Day Stressors & Anxieties

Work-life, social life, life responsibilities, and keeping it all together! Life can be stressful! Unpack your stressors, explore solutions, and build healthy skills to manage it all.

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(Individual, Family, Intergenerational)

Experiencing devastating events can prevent you from living with a sense of safety and joy. We provide time and space to address those experiences, heal the wounds they have caused, and gain security, clarity, and meaning. 

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Cultural Issues

Are you navigating between American and Latino cultures and finding your most genuine identity?

With your counselor's help, you can explore the nuances of being bicultural, balancing your cultural identities, and becoming your true self, embracing both cultures as crucial parts of who you are.

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Couples Counseling

Sometimes partners drift, trust is lost, and communication becomes difficult. Sometimes we end up resenting our partners. Healthy and happy relationships take work. 

Explore and discuss the relational challenges while working on building empathy and understanding between the couple. 

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Group Counseling

Experiences such as the death of a loved one and domestic violence can be very lonely experiences.

Group counseling is a healing approach where people with similar experiences gather to build connections and heal by sharing their experiences.

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Mental Health Trainings

Stress, bullying, burnout? We bring mental health awareness and skills to your company, school, or organization. Mentally healthy people make stronger teams and communities.

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