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Modern Day Stressors & Anxieties

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Counseling provides
time and space to find balance from
modern day stressors.

Are you feeling overwhelmed navigating many different roles in life? 

Do you feel like you appear to have it all together, while inside, you feel like you are barely surviving? 

Are you impatient or short-tempered with family or distant from friends?

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There is so much continuous input of information through emails, media, and social media constantly coming to us. In addition, we have employment, social lives, and all sorts of responsibilities! Ahhhhh!!! How can we find time to reset, plan, prioritize, and identify the meaningful people and things to us while releasing or setting boundaries with those burdening us? 

Let's explore another scenario. You might feel like you are "not enough," not a "good enough" parent, not a good enough professional, thinking you "should have been married by now" or "at least be in a steady relationship." But life does not have a specific right path. We are all on a journey of our own, full of turns, detours, speed bumps, ups, and downs. Feeling unhappy or overwhelmed about where we are in life often affects us emotionally and brings on symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression. 

We get it! Most of us have been there at one point in life or another. If you have found yourself saying, "Yes, that's so me!" We want you to know that there is a healthier way of living, balancing life, and accepting and navigating your journey on your terms. 

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to begin your journey with us?

more about Avanza's anxiety therapy!


Start with self-compassion. Prioritize yourself and your needs. Counseling allows the time and space you deserve to focus on yourself. Unpack your stressors, explore what you want and do not want, and explore solutions. Identify and experience your feelings in a safe and non-judgmental space. Learn and practice assertiveness, self-advocacy, and other healthy coping skills. Avanza recognizes our clients as the true experts of their lives, and for us, it is a tremendous honor to accompany and support you in navigating life and its ups and downs. When you work with our therapist, you can rest assured that you are working with a licensed professional with your best interest at heart.

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     You are our client, and we work for you.
We want you to succeed!

    We help you explore. You make the decisions.

Through counseling, we want to work with you to find and take a path that is right for you and brings joy and fulfillment to your life. We work on those skills that can help make you more self-compassionate, mindful, resilient, and with gained clarity of what you want and need in life.

Why Avanza?

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