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Couples Counseling

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Healthy relationships do not just happen.
Good relationships take
work, patience

Are there issues of disagreement between you and your partner? Are they negatively affecting your relationship?

Have you gone through an event that caused the loss of trust between you and your partner? 

Has your relationship fallen into a routine and feels boring?

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It is normal and healthy for relationships to go through ups and downs. However, healthy and successful relationships take work! Are you ready to work with your partner on getting through the challenges you face together?

Seeking counseling when your relationship is going through a difficult stage can feel very vulnerable and intimidating.

Relationships go through different stages, from discovering one another to building trust, falling in love, and facing challenges together. Hence, it is essential to learn and understand how healthy relationships work and to be mindful of what is needed of you and your partner to make the relationship succeed.

Avanza provides the couple with a neutral and safe space to connect, explore the relationship, and work on developing empathy, understanding, and trust with the guidance of a licensed clinical professional counselor. Create and practice healthy and effective ways of being together. Work together instead of against each other.

We believe in complete individuals creating fulfilling relationships. In other words, neither partner has to lose yourselves or sacrifice individual identities, goals, or personal/professional development to make the relationship work. It is a matter of both parties' adaption, growth, and compromise. It takes commitment to make it work. We also believe that working together and overcoming relationship challenges can sometimes build intimacy, trust, and growth.

It is not all hard work, though. Relationships also require fun! In therapy, you can discover new ways to connect and build intimacy while having fun and enjoying each other's company. Get your relationship moving forward and become unstuck together. Develop the skills to address issues, break old and unhealthy fights and patterns of behavior, and take your relationship to a level of more profound love, trust, enjoyment, and understanding.

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Issues in which we can help:

  • Premarital counseling

  • Trust

  • Infidelity

  • Building or improving healthy communication skills

  • Conflict resolution

  • Increasing or rediscovering intimacy

  • Coping as a couple with busy or demanding work/life schedules

  • Transition periods (engagement, marriage, having or adopting children, buying or building a house, etc.)

  • Raising children as a team, including blending families

  • Exploring and negotiating roles and responsibilities

  • Exploring and developing a relationship structure that works for both.

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