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Odette O. Rivera


A hand in multiple skin colors.

I am a bilingual and bicultural therapist passionate about providing culturally sensitive and trauma-informed counseling experiences to the Latino community. Whether you have experienced trauma, are struggling with career or life stressors, relational issues, cultural identity themes, or any other mental and emotional issue affecting you, I am here to help. So feel free to bring your authentic self into the counseling room. Bring in your Spanglish, your traditions, and your beliefs. Te entiendo y estoy para apoyarte! 

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is Avanza?

Avanza counseling provides fair, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and quality counseling services to Chicago's Latino community. Our community needs to find therapists who look like us and understand our experiences, challenges, and perspectives. We are committed to working with each client to assist them in healing from the individual, community, or cultural experiences and coping with life stressors' emotional effects. 



To provide high-quality, ethical, and culturally informed services to Chicago's Latino community. To help our clients reach their fullest potential and richer, fulfilling, and joyous lives. To provide time, space, and attention to healing individual, family, and intergenerational trauma, prioritizing the client's safety and well-being.

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