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Group therapy

Group Counseling

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Group Counseling
Provides a supportive and safe environment.


Are you going through, or are you going through an experience you believe no one else understands such as the death of a loved one or domestic violence?


You are not alone!

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There are experiences in life that make you feel isolated or misunderstood. Like you are alone in the world. Sometimes it can be difficult to talk with others, like friends and family about it. You may feel like you do not want to burden them, you may feel judged, pressured to make certain decisions, or ashamed.


Group counseling is an approach proven to treat issues such as grief, domestic violence, sexual assault or abuse, and cultural issues to name a few. Universality is the concept of knowing that you are not alone in your experience and it is a part of healing through group counseling. Through group counseling, client’s get to listen to one another and build a healing connection. Clients not only get to share their experiences, always respecting the client’s choice to do so when they feel ready, but they also get to explore, learn, and practice healthy skills to help them cope.


Our groups typically consist of three to eight people and they meet weekly for 90 minutes. Groups have a set duration of 8-10 weeks.


 Benefits of group counseling:

  • Universality (Knowing you are not alone)

  • Members not only get to receive support, but also give other members support

  • Members build strength and power to find and use their voice

  • Helps members relate to themselves and others in healthier ways

  • Groups tend to become a safe space for clients

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